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Our Mission

Located on 14 beautiful acres in the coastal range of Oregon, our sanctuary seeks to ensure that every animal we rescue has “no more bad days” and has a forever home On Golden Rescue.

Our animals come from a variety of different backgrounds, environments and standards of care. OGR provides food, shelter, medical care and seeks to provide the best quality of life and a safe haven for the animals we serve.

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We can’t succeed alone, and need the support of community members like you to really make a significant impact. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Our Goals

OGR will use the resources of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to rescue, rehabilitate and provide for a permanent home while maintaining a high level of care for horses at the facility and approved OGR partners.

Create a long-term sustainable business model that will ensure the necessary financial and human resources to provide for OGR to accomplish its mission year in and year out.


Obtained accreditation through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). This will allow OGR to maximize performance and achieve the highest standards created for animal sanctuaries. Being GFAS accredited will allow us to communicate that OGR is officially recognized as committed, capable and worthy of support. This will positively impact how OGR is perceived by donors, law enforcement, lawmakers and the general public.

By publicizing the needs of at-risk and urgent horses and educating the public on what it takes to care for special needs horses as well as success stories, OGR will attract donors and sponsors for rescued animals.