Education & Outreach


About On Golden Rescue

OGR undertakes to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a permanent home for equines, specifically, and such others as may be at risk or in urgent need, up to a limit determined by grazing acreage and available resources. OGR will offer permanent sanctuary and care to otherwise unwanted, abused or neglected equines and provide them with a safe haven where they will never again experience the situations that led them to OGR in the first place. Equines will typically be acquired through owner surrender, transfer from other rescue organizations, or in rare instances where the welfare of an equine requires it, purchased through private sale, livestock sales, or auctions. These animals are generally older and, in some cases, traumatized and will be maintained as permanent sanctuary residents. Therefore, our motto is “No More Bad Days.”

The secondary purpose of OGR is to inform the public of our mission in a manner that will garnish their support. OGR will solicit donations and grants from individuals and organizations. Donations collected are used for sheltering, feeding, treating, caring, and otherwise maintaining the animals. OGR will also attempt to raise awareness of issues affecting equines and will encourage long-term sponsorship for the care and support of individual animals. OGR is non-profit 501(c)3 organization and all funds and donations are applied towards the care and maintenance of animals under the care of OGR. Horses housed at OGR are accommodated at On Golden Ranch in Birkenfeld, Oregon. These animals will never be sold or otherwise disposed of, in any way contrary to ethical and humane rescue practice.

A third purpose of OGR is to identify situations where equines and other large animals have adequate shelter and grazing, but the owners cannot afford proper nutrition, farrier and veterinary care. In these circumstances, OGR (when resources allow) will provide needed services with the intent of leaving the equines in place. In return, OGR will seek permission to periodically evaluate the animals and their living conditions.

To achieve success, OGR has adopted this Education and Outreach Program. This program is intended to be a learning document meaning that it will be updated as we progress and learn what methods work and which ones don’t.

what is OGR's education & outreach program?

To achieve success, OGR has adopted this Education and Outreach Program

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that a lack of financial means or physical ability does not equal a lack of love for an equine or other farm animal. We believe that meaningful change happens through understanding, non-judgement, and relationship-building with under-served animal owners. Therefore, the goals of OGR’s Education and Outreach program are to improve the awareness of and the safety, health and well-being of equines and other farm animals in underserved local communities and keep animals and their people together.

Keeping Animals Safely In-Place

Oftentimes, keeping horses and other farm animals in their current home is a great way for them to avoid falling into an at-risk situation. OGR will continuously search for innovative programs aiding equine and farm animal owners who are temporarily unable to care for their horses.

Of course, there are times when it’s not in the best interest of an equine or farm animal to remain in their home and times when an owner can no longer care for their animal. When owners are no longer able to keep their animals, they may relinquish them to OGR or another rescue. OGR will partner with other rescues and sanctuaries to assist with these matters.

Education Philosophy

The education task of OGR is to raise awareness in the general public to the problems faced by farm animals that are no longer of use or unable to perform its assigned tasks and has now become a burden to the owner. When animals are mistreated, whether due to lack of proper understanding of their needs or due to outright neglect or cruelty, it becomes a societal problem.

Older and infirm animals can thrive if given special care and attention. We have found by encouraging the human-animal bond, that healing begins to take place between both. It is the task of OGR to make these management procedures known to owners and show that elder and infirmed animals (like people) are still able to be productive members in society.

Education Outreach Plan

OGR will utilize the following mechanisms to educate the public and to learn about ways we can assist owners who are challenged by safe and healthy large animal care:


  • Enhanced presence on social network sites
  • Generate articles in local newspapers
  • Conduct educational visits at OGR
  • Host animal/human relations seminars at OGR
  • Promote word-of-mouth awareness of OGR and our mission

PROVIDED SERVICES FOR RESCUE IN-PLACE (These services are subjected to available resources and owners qualifying for assistance.)

  • Awareness and Education
  • Veterinary Care
  • Farrier Care
  • Quality Hay
  • Quality Feed
  • Medication
  • Blankets
  • Fence Repair


OGR will take advantage of every beneficial opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other rescue organizations and other large animal related non-profit establishments. Currently, we work with Columbia County Animal Control, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Animal Control Council, the Mist-Birkenfeld Rural Fire Protection District’s Large Animal Rescue Team and Sound Equine Options. OGR will not associate with causes and organizations that might be deemed as detrimental to the OGR mission.