Meet Our Team

Larry Boxman

Larry Boxman

Executive Director, Founder

I’m Larry Boxman, the founder and executive director of On Golden Rescue (OGR), and my journey from Pararescue to Animal Rescue has been nothing short of extraordinary. It all began during an overnight backpacking trip in the Appalachian Mountains of northern Pennsylvania when I was just 12 years old. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and under the starlit sky, I received a profound message that resonated deep within me: “you are destined to protect and care for animals, and this is your purpose on this earth.”

This transformative experience stayed with me as I pursued a career in both the United States Air Force and later the fire service as a Paramedic. The idea of giving someone more time to enjoy life, family, and friends became a guiding principle for me. While saving human lives was incredibly fulfilling, I always felt a deep compulsion to honor the spiritual message from that night in the mountains.

As retirement approached, I knew it was time to heed that inner calling. I realized that I had acquired the necessary infrastructure, support, property, and knowledge over the years to initiate a nonprofit large animal rescue and sanctuary. And so, in February 2022, I took the leap and founded On Golden Rescue (OGR).

The day we rescued our first group of equines marked a new chapter filled with clarity, calm, and a profound connection to the universe. The sense of peace that enveloped me can’t be described with words. It was a confirmation that I was on the right path, fulfilling my purpose of saving and caring for both human and animal lives.

Transitioning from Pararescue to Animal Rescue has been an extraordinary journey. I feel incredibly blessed to have touched many lives and to continue making a positive impact on both humans and animals alike. For me, this is not just a job; it’s a calling—a calling that fills my heart with joy and purpose every single day.

Larry Boxman, OGR Founder & Executive Director

Hailey Palmore

Hailey Palmore, MBA


Born and raised in Oregon, Hailey spent much of her childhood being raised on a farm amongst many different kinds of rescue animals. Hailey is a Paramedic and trained Large Animal Rescue Technician, who is passionate about helping both humans and animals.

Hailey leverages her business competencies and network to ensure that OGR is compliant as a nonprofit and also works to ensure that every dollar from our generous donors is used thoughtfully and effectively.

Marianne Berg

Marianne Berg

Board Member – Treasurer

Marianne is a horse behavior specialist and is an integral part of OGR as her past experience showing horses on an international stage has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience with horse care and horse behavior. Marianne has led multiple horses to winning world titles and is a decorated horsewoman who is passionate about the details of superior animal care.

Marianne is involved with every animal that comes to our rescue, assessing its behavior and once cleared by the veterinarian, helping find the right location for them on the rescue. She lives nearby to the rescue and is always our first call if something is going on with any of our residents.

Dr. Kim Post

Dr. Kim Post, DVM

Board Member – Secretary

Dr. Kim Post is a 2008 graduate of Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon completion of her veterinary degree, she moved to St. Louis, MO, and began her career in mixed animal practice. In 2014, she and her family moved back to her hometown, and has continued to enjoy being a mixed animal practitioner.

Dr. Kim was raised in the area and attended Banks High School. As a high school student, she was mentored by Dr. Steve Vredenburg who established Banks Veterinary Service in 1987. In March 2017 she and Dr. Christina Bernards purchased the practice from him.

When not caring for her patients, Dr. Kim spends time with her husband and their three young children. Her family also includes two dogs, three cats, two horses, and a small flock of laying hens.

Steve Berg

Steve Berg

Board Member

Steve was born and raised in Oregon, 5th generation in the Birkenfeld community where On Golden Rescue is located. A veteran of the US Navy and Volunteer Firefighter, he is also a Large Animal Rescue Technician and an outdoors enthusiast.

He brings a wealth of building experiences, knowledge and creative ideas to help with future facility plans that are always ongoing at On Golden Rescue as we continue to expand and utilize all of the property in the best ways possible.

Steve lives and works their tree farm with his wife and two dogs.

Marianne Berg

Angela Roach

Board Member

Angela’s love for animals has existed since she was a young girl. Angela is a firm believer that animals are equally deserving of the same rights, protections, and love as human beings.

Angela is a business-owner and a strong believer that corporations should help support community-based nonprofits, such as OGR. Angela has a naturally philanthropic spirit. Angela’s business-savvy nature, her corporate network and her generous spirit help with all aspects of OGR’s operation.


Barbara Lebl

Animal Care Coordinator

Barbara was born and raised in Germany. She began spending time at her grandparents farm helping with chores and animal care. At an early age she discovered a passion to care for animals of all kinds.

In 1999 Barbara moved to the States to start a new life. She has had her own animal care business and also studied Homeopathy to benefit people and pets with a holistic approach for health and care.

Volunteering at different horse rescues during that time she gained more knowledge in this type of care.

Barbara is a horse owner and was involved in Equestrian sports for most of her life. She is proud and happy to be pursuing her passion for care at OGR.

Gayle and Jericho

Gayle Rich-Boxman

Project Manager

Gayle shares a deep, emotional bond with every animal that comes to OGR. She has been a realtor in the Birkenfeld and surrounding communities since 2006 and she and Larry have lived and served this area since 2003. In the past, she has also volunteered for The Oregon Humane Society and the Portland Zoo.

Gayle’s former career in long-term care and caregiving for humans has translated well in helping develop practices and personal touches to each animal at OGR.

Gayle helps coordinate our various animal care plans and provides and researches holistic approaches to each animal’s unique health and quality of life needs.

Tiffany Steinweg

Tiffany Steinweg

Large Animal Care Provider

Tiffany was born and raised in Washington. She has spent many years caring for humans at assisted living facilities as well as being an educational assistant at the local preschool.

Tiffany’s love for animals came after moving to the area and raising pigs for the local 4-H group. If she’s not working to care for other people or animals you can find Tiffany out hiking a trail or spending time with her husband and kids on their family farm.

Marianne Berg

Ashley Cavett

Large Animal Care Provider

Growing up locally, Ashley came by her love of horses early on. With a father who used to rodeo, and her mom’s friend having a farm, she started mucking stalls and grooming horses at a young age. One of her fondest memories was grooming the large horses at Christmas for the annual carriage rides in Clatskanie. She and her family have many of their own large and small animals within walking distance of OGR.

Ashley’s formal education is ever-evolving. With an Associates degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, a Bachelors in Business Administration and Health Studies and now studying for her NA1 Certificate (Nurse Assistant), she offers a wide variety of assets to the future of OGR and her local community healthcare system.

Ashley’s compassion/passion gives her an empathetic way of approaching her care for the animals at OGR. Her calmness and positive energy are reciprocated by creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere with each animal, which is therapeutic for both.