Big boy Jericho, a 21ish year old Tobiano gelding had a stellar history for many years as an actual working rescue horse and licensed first responder in California.

Due to an injury, he was basically written off and sent to auction. A gentleman there recognized him from a newspaper article that described his professional history and bought him. Later the owner succumbed to Cancer and gave Jericho to two young women trying to create their own rescue in CA. They fled the fires of CA and came to Oregon with Jericho and three other horses, all boarded at a facility in Mulino, OR. It turned out to be a very neglectful operation and one of our board members was contacted by these latest owners through Cowgirl 911.

They couldn’t afford to board 4 horses and regrettably needed to find a forever home for Jericho. He was very thin, living in muddy squalor with no pasture or grazing area at all. Jericho had been through a lot of emotional trauma, too and the newest owners really wanted him to be safe and get him back to “fighting weight”. His chest was atrophied and he looked way too scrawny when we went to pick him up in April 2022.

We brought him to OGR along with Gypsy, whose story you can find under her name. After addressing his health concerns and lack of body weight/muscle mass with our horse behavior specialist and board member, Marianne Berg, she developed a nutritional regimen with high quality supplements to bolster his health and was approved by Banks Veterinary Service. Jericho also ended up having two sessions with Charisse Tooze, owner of The Animal Bodyworks who does creative healing with massage and other natural healing techniques, which opened him up and he galloped through the pasture quite happily right after that!

A year later our Banks vet, Dr. Kim pronounced that he has definitely put on weight and muscle mass since seeing him a year before. Happier and much healthier for sure!

Jericho is enjoying his golden years with his pasture mate Gypsy. They first met when they were trailered to On Golden Rescue together.
Gypsy and Jericho enjoying a gallop