Annie’s Story

Annie, a 17-year-old, sable-colored Mini mare came to us in a soon-to-be homeless situation, along with her pasture pal, Sophie, also a Mini in March 2022. Having had colic a few years ago, and Type 2 Diabetes, heavily scrutinizing her health management is paramount for us at OGR. With guidance from our horse specialist and board member, Marianne Berg, we adhered to the strict regimen she gave us. Intermittent grazing (especially in spring when the sugar content is so high in grass), getting her meds 2x daily and making sure her weight is always watched, her latest body score from our Banks Vet, Dr. Kim, pronounced her as “ideal”! So pleased to hear that!

Not being the alpha, Annie is shy but very sweet. Wooly mammoth-like if we let her hair grow too long, we spend time grooming her and shaving her for the summer months to keep her cool and comfortable. It takes hours to do, but it’s worth it for her comfort and then she can show off that gorgeous sable color!

Annie winter coat
Annie groomed
Annie makeover

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