Ginger’s Story

Ginger, a 10-year-old Alpine goat has arrived at On Golden Rescue as of August 19th, 2023. Ginger’s prior family was looking for a new home and Dr. Kim Post with Banks Veterinary Services (one of our OGR partners) referred her family to us. They reached out through our website and explained Ginger’s situation. Her longtime companion, another goat, was very sick and needed to be euthanized. Ginger’s family didn’t want her to be alone and was looking for a forever home with other companionable goats. Ginger is very social and has already been intrigued by our chickens who reside next to the pasture she’ll stay in, along with some of our minis and our other three female goats. She loves people and comes easily to her name. Ginger is our youngest goat and quite healthy. We look forward to many years shared with her On Golden Rescue!

Ginger with chickens
Ginger and Grandma
Ginger eating blackberries
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