Grandma’s Story

Grandma was a 15-year-old pygmy goat, affectionately called our “Unicorn Goat”! A recent visit from our vet proclaimed that Grandma was (in human terms), like a 110 year old woman… as she was fifteen when, a week later she decided it was time to go see her other goat pals who had led the way to their next journey ahead of her. Grandma’s death was gentle, dignified and Gayle was honored with the opportunity of spending her last two hours of her life’s passage by lying in her crate with her and holding her as she took her last breath. She was a true force and Barbara, our Animal Care Director,  said she felt her presence in the Della Barn for awhile after she passed away.

G-Ma, you will always be remembered as our Unicorn Goat!!

Larry and Grandma
Grandma snoozing
Grandma inside

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