Gypsy’s Story

Gypsy, a Paint mare aged 21-25 (approximately) was in a dire situation in a very negligent and overcrowded horse boarding facility in Mulino, Oregon. She was of “no value” to the owners, they cryptically explained and that she would be put down within a couple of days if we didn’t take her. She looked so sad and skinny and we could tell there was fear and trauma in her unknown history as it showed in her eyes. We were there to rescue Jericho (who up to the point we trailered them together, had never been near each other) and she was what we later affectionately termed our “unplanned pregnancy”. She came to us in April of 2022 and had various ailments, some of which were deep scars, both physical and emotional. We soon brought in Charisse Tooze, owner of The Animal Bodyworks who helped her with massage and other natural healing treatments. Along with great nutrition, an actual pasture to graze in (which she was not in before) and the work that Charisse did to help her heal, she has opened up in so many ways! She and Jericho remain pasture pals to this day.

Gypsy May 23
Gypsy with Ashley

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