Jackie’s Story

Jackie and her son Speckles were rescued from a tough situation where they were neglected to some extent for nearly a decade. The neighbor of their former owner, Jack, cared for them the best he could, but knew they needed to find a new long-term home. His health was making him unable to care for them. Jack’s daughter Mindy heard about OGR and reached out to us.

Working with Jack and Mindy, OGR worked for months to convince the owner to voluntarily surrender the pair. Both were in desperate need of veterinary and farrier care.

The owner finally agreed to voluntarily surrender the animals and we went out to pick them up.

We have now started the process of rehabilitating Jackie and Speckles. They both got the farrier care they so desperately needed and are walking better each day.

Jackie with Barbara
Jackie in her pasture
Jackie after farrier care
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