Jethro’s Story

What’s not to love about this guy?? He is a Mini Donkey gelding with giant ears and soulful eyes. Jethro, like many of our rescues, arrived at OGR in March 2022 in need of a new home as he was losing his soon. At 13, he seems at once to be an old soul and a sweet boy all wrapped up in one.

He was a bit rotund, as donkeys can thrive on very little because of their body type, so we have worked diligently to get his weight into a more manageable state. Our Banks Vet, Dr. Kim stated at his recent health check, “One of the BEST Mini Donkeys I’ve ever seen!” which brought on a lot of smiles from us!

Jethro is secretly in love with Pearl, but he is definitely not her type as she lets him know. He has the pleasure of at least grazing with her, along with Scotch and Buckshot.

Jethro with Jericho
Jethro with friends
Jethro portrait

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