Lil B’s Story

Lil B, our only male goat with a great set of horns and a happy leader attitude came to us along with his other 3 goat herd clan; 2 females and one other male in the spring of 2022 at the onset of our new sanctuary, On Golden Rescue. We were acquiring a number of equines, large and small form a single owner, when Gayle took a gander at the goat herd who were soon to be homeless. She fell in love with them and her husband took one look at her and said, “I guess we’re taking the goats, too.”

Lil B had some significant health issues at the age of about 9 when he came to OGR, but with medications, great food and a funny attitude, he stayed pretty darned happy until he became significantly ill in late November of 2022 and early December. He was quite the social guy with all of our OGR staff and would quickly amble over for scratches and food.

Lil B didn’t suffer too long when he became severely ill and he was taken to Banks Vet where we said goodbye to him and eased his pain for good.

Lil B with Larry
Lil B
Lil B with Gayle

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