Poppy’s Story

As of March 2023, Poppy, a Nubian Boer mix is also one of our oldest goats at age 14. Coming from a situation where she was mistreated by other goats and having to be sheltered in a small and uncomfortable setting all by herself, we were referred to the owner by another goat keeper friend of ours. Having lost two goats recently to old age, we felt that Poppy would be a good companion for our other two. Pebbles has become fast friends with Poppy and the transition has been fairly easy! She was undernourished, and since her recent health check, she is now allowed to eat more and loves it. She also grazes in one of our beautiful pastures along with two of our minis, Sophie and Annie as well as her goat companions. One lucky old gal goat!

Poppy smiling
Poppy with friends
Your donation helps us take care of Poppy and her friends.