River’s Story

River’s story could have ended so differently. A 19ish year-old Arabian, he was found running on Highway 30 late at night after the former owner had just dumped him as River was to be confiscated by Animal Control after the owner was put on notice about the negligent and very abusive situation River was in at the time. Sound Equine Options, one of our professional partners, was able to surround him and safely get him trailered. He was taken to one of their holding areas and a vet checked him for any injuries, medical concerns, etc. Sound Equine Options (SEO) had already contacted us about River’s situation and after a few days of rehab, he was brought to us in October 2022. Severe trauma and fear resonated with River and he was terribly skittish when he first arrived. Our compassionate team of care providers have worked patiently with River to gain his trust and let him know for him there will be “no more bad days”! Fearful but not aggressive, he is letting us know that trust is hard won but worth it and he has come a LONG way in allowing that since then! River resides with Matti, a huge Warmblood mare together in their own pasture.
Larry and river
River eating hay
River enjoying turn out

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