Smokey’s Story

Smokey has had a working life until the last couple of years or so. He was a pack mule and most likely sustained a serious facial injury, with a long scar and missing most of his teeth. Having been passed around and moved around quite a bit in the last few years, at the age of approximately 25, the latest owner really wanted him to be safe, happy and in the same place for the rest of his life.

Smokey is an old soul. Small in stature, he is gentle and demonstrative in his kindness towards people. He readily comes to his name and picks up on good energy, giving it back in a very loving manner. An “easy keeper”, which means that he doesn’t complain about loading into or out of a trailer, eats most of what you give him and is calm around other equines and our Golden Retrievers. He makes us laugh because his tongue will peek out of his mouth, making him look just a bit silly, yet endearing. Otherwise, Smokey is a very handsome pony mule!

We were referred to his most recent owner by Charisse Tooze who owns Animal Bodyworks and has done work on our equines and goats here On Golden Rescue. She was impressed with our care and operation and sent Smokey our way by connecting us with the owner. He has come to us after months of discussion with the former owner who loved him, but just couldn’t afford to keep him. We are SO grateful to have him here On Golden Rescue as he brings a sweet joy to our forever sanctuary!

Smokey and Gayle
Smokey settling in
Smokey in his pasture
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