Stoney’s Story

An emergency situation came up with an abandoned male pygmy goat that OGR dealt with quickly. With no real history to go on, but knowing he was in dire straits, OGR rescued him, named him Stoney and brought him back for quarantine time. It was immediately apparent that he was not in good shape and we took him for a vet visit as soon as he arrived.

The short version is that Stoney had kidney disease with no chance of recovery. We did “hospice care” for him with IV fluids, gave him a comfortable place to land with hours of happy grazing, handpicked blackberry vines for him to munch on and whatever else we could do to manage his medical issues.

OGR only had Stoney for a week before he passed, but he was the sweetest boy who loved his walks in the sunshine, enjoyed having his head rubbed and captured all of our hearts during his short stay. We count ourselves lucky to have made his last days be ones that were filled with comfort and genuine love for him! Stoney made a lasting impression on us and we will miss him.

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