Platinum Transparency 2023

On Golden Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of horses, goats, and donkeys, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious GuideStar Platinum Transparency rating. This recognition reflects the organization’s commitment to accountability, openness, and responsible stewardship of resources.

GuideStar, a leading source of nonprofit information, provides transparency ratings that help donors, volunteers, and stakeholders make informed decisions about charitable organizations. The Platinum Transparency rating is the highest level awarded by GuideStar, indicating exceptional disclosure practices and a strong commitment to transparency.

By achieving GuideStar Platinum Transparency, On Golden Rescue has demonstrated its dedication to providing comprehensive and accurate information about its mission, impact, governance, and financial management. The organization has gone above and beyond to ensure that stakeholders have access to the necessary information to evaluate its performance and effectiveness.

“We are incredibly proud to receive the GuideStar Platinum Transparency rating,” said Larry Boxman, Executive Director at On Golden Rescue. “This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability. We believe that open communication is vital in building trust with our supporters and the community we serve.”

Larry Boxman Executive Director

The GuideStar Platinum Transparency rating offers numerous benefits to On Golden Rescue and its stakeholders. It enhances the organization’s credibility, reputation, and donor confidence. Supporters can now access detailed information about the organization’s programs, impact metrics, financial statements, and governance structure, empowering them to make informed decisions about their contributions.

Furthermore, this recognition positions On Golden Rescue as an attractive partner for collaborations and funding opportunities. Foundations, corporations, and grant-making organizations often consider GuideStar ratings when assessing nonprofit organizations for financial support. Achieving Platinum Transparency status strengthens On Golden Rescue’s eligibility for various funding opportunities, allowing it to expand its reach and impact.

Through this achievement, On Golden Rescue aims to inspire other organizations within the animal rescue and welfare sector to embrace transparency and accountability. By promoting best practices in nonprofit management, On Golden Rescue strives to raise the bar for the industry and create a lasting impact on the lives of horses, goats, donkeys, and the community as a whole.

About On Golden Rescue:

On Golden Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of horses, goats, and donkeys in need. With a mission to provide compassionate care, shelter, and medical treatment to abused, neglected, and abandoned animals, On Golden Rescue works tirelessly to give these animals a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. The organization also focuses on education and community outreach to raise awareness about animal welfare and responsible ownership.