Jericho and Jethro
Summer has officially arrived at OGR! For our equines that means less less less… less green grass means less “muzzle time” for Jethro, our mini donkey and for Buckshot our mini gelding, which makes them super happy! They can get porky on the lush spring grass in no time and this is how we help keep their weight in check.

Less hair, too! Lots of grooming for everyone and even a summer cut for Annie, our woolly mammoth of a mini. An upcoming bath for Scotch, one of our older geldings is in order, too, now that the temps are rising.

Less blanketing, means that we can get their winter turnouts cleaned and waterproofed long before the rainy season comes back. Less time spent indoors means more time grazing on our luxurious 14 AC spread! 

A group of our rescued animals
Happy equines, happy life! “No more bad days”
drone shot of horses grazing